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Welcome to Wiseman's Bridge Rowing Club's website we hope it offers interesting information. If you are interested in joining our club then please phone or send a text to 07915 399413 or email: If you have any website/forum queries then please email:



AT LAST … 2014 Season is here!!!

Due to Celtic Challenge 2014 commitments and damage from the “Great Winter Storms” the committee have been working hard to re-establish club nights again from “Wiseman's” (Wiseman's Bridge Inn).

Now, as of Thursday 24th April “Gertie” , “Dick” and “Ready Oar Knot” will be launching for club nights at 1800hrs every Tuesday & Thursday until the clocks change - weather dependent - and additional sessions arranged through the “Forum”.

Once “Oarsome” has returned from Celtic Challenge duty, the fleet will be taking part in league races and challenges all over the UK . We supply safety equipment and sessions to suit all abilities, so don’t worry about having to be an athlete !!

We are overseen by the “Welsh Sea Rowing Association” so if you're male or female and aged between 16 and 99 and would like to try a free session for one of the fastest growing team sports in Wales, then please contact us on our “Contact Link” above or Email or phone 07915 399413

Good luck to everyone for the coming season.

Long and Strong !


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