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Wreck Race 22nd April 2017

Wreck Race 22nd April 2017

Saturday 22nd April 2017

PYC Wreck Race                    Saturday 22nd April 2017  

The weather was kind this year as the crews assembled for the fourth PYC Wreck Race, a 15.5km race around the wreck sites on the Cleddau, the sun was shinning, although there was a strong breeze from the north.

A challenging start to the race calendar, which this year saw only one boat from Wiseman’s, however what a boat it was, a mixed crew that contained the power of Conor, the beauty of Libby, the guile and passion of Rod, the panache of John and the stoicism of Graham.

John was to cox the first half of the race, Rod being in stroke, with Conor and Libby in the power house of the boat and Graham in bow. As ‘Ready or Knot’ made the long treck to the start the optimism in the boat grew, perhaps Rod was at last going to land that elusive trophy that he so richly deserved. John expertly steadied the boat, tap reds, tap greens, oars poised to strike the water in perfect harmony. The hooter sounded and ‘Ready or Knot’ exploded into life with pure unbridled raw power, each blade cutting through the water like a hot knife through butter. They were off, the race was there to be won, the trophy had their name on it. However this only lasted for about ten strokes, then the optimism and anticipation faded quicker than the sun on a cold winters day. The calm waters that they had started in soon became choppy and turbulent, and the Cleddau slowly sapped the energy of the boat.

‘Ready or Knot’ eventually crossed the line in a time of 1hour 40 mins, coming a creditable fourth in class, a great effort form all.

Rod coxed the boat over the line, and was praising the crew for their efforts when Graham, of his own volition, went that extra mile for the team. He exited the boat, with the style of a Elephant Seal diving for his favourite fish, swam under the boat, checked for any damage, before surfacing and pulling the boat ashore, ensuring that no one else in crew got wet.

A great day out, as always, with the Wiseman’s Rowing Family.

Thank you all.