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Sunday 1st January 2017

A huge thank you to all our sponsors who have contributed to helping us establish a thriving rowing club!

Wiseman’s Bridge beach was the stage for rehearsals of the D-Day landings during the Second World War and today you will still see boats being launched and landed but they are now Celtic Longboats. 

A special thanks goes to Wiseman’s Bridge Inn who provide a base for our boats, a venue for many of our social activities and a reason why we can still keep calling the club ‘Wiseman’s Bridge Rowing Club’.  The club is very proud to display the ‘Wiseman’s Bridge Inn’ name on all five boats in our fleet.

The club is very fortunate to be sponsored by a number of businesses and this sponsorship has enabled us to not only maintain the boats but also ensure that we can provide the necessary equipment to take the boats out safely to sea.   

Many thanks to the following:-


Saundersfoot Sailing Club

Unlike most other rowing clubs Wiseman’s Bridge Rowing Club has no profit making club house and no premises of their own to organise fund raising. We are extremely grateful to Saundersfoot Sailing Club for the use of their premises for winter erg training and for hosting fundraising events at a very modest cost to the club and its members.



We are currently working with the Tenderfoot (Disability Sports) Team in Saundersfoot in association with the Rotary Clubs of Saundersfoot and Tenby


The Club have always got opportunities for sponsorship available.

Wiseman’s Bridge Rowing Club is currently raising funds to purchase equipment such as a new set of oars and safety equipment and we are offering the great opportunity of advertising space on our boats, equipment, racing kit and website.  We also have opportunities for businesses to sponsor single events we participate in.  As a club we are affiliated to the Welsh Sea Rowing Association and we regularly row in races and regattas across Wales and further afield.  For example, in September each year we participate in the Great River Race in London – a marathon row between Greenwich and Richmond and every other year we take part in the legendary Celtic Challenge Race, a 96-mile rowing event, from Arklow in Ireland to Aberystwyth in Wales.

The sponsorship we are offering is incredible value in comparison to local press advertising where, if you are lucky £500 only buys you a page for a few weeks in one publication with a limited readership. 

The sponsorship also links your business to a healthy lifestyle choice as you are supporting a local sports club where people of all ages enjoy their natural environment whilst keeping fit. 

Join us for a rowing session - come along to one of our club nights and see why your advertising is so important.

There is never a dull moment in the life of a Wiseman’s Bridge Celtic Longboat – we would be delighted to hear from you.

If you are interested in discussing a package to suit your budget or would like further details then please make contact.

Simon Collings

Email: info@wisemansbridgerowingclub.co.uk

Mobile: 07915 399413




Molson Coors

Wiseman's Bridge Inn

Hean Castle Estate  

Heritage Park

Eddistone Consulting



Saundersfoot Sailing Club

Welsh Rowing

British Rowing

Irish Coastal Rowing Federation

Download: sponsorship2017.pdf