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Ar Waith Ar Daith - 12th September 2015

Saturday 12th September 2015

a Welsh journey of myth and magic

Cardiff bay was the setting for WBRC’s involvement, along with 25 other Celtic crews, for the 10 years celebration ( ar wraith ar daith ) of the Wales Millenium Centre, and being a part of the outdoor Saturday night celebration put on by 'Walk the Plank'
Friday morning a crack swat team of our rowers and towers descended on the capital to begin rehearsals of no less than 5 sessions, with other members travelling up later that day & Saturday morning to join them.
With Friday rehearsals complete, tired crews made their way to Nos Da hostel in the city centre to get some well earned rest, but not before liquid refreshment and a banquet of fine pizzas organised by Marja.
Saturday morning saw a lie in for the crews so shopping and general sight seeing seemed to fill time before we were needed at 2 o'clock for final rehearsals !!!
Saturday rehearsals proved a little trickier while trying to keep formation in the bay before rowing in for the march into the arena ,as a slight wind picked up ! But with the fine Coxswains skills of Andy, Neil and PhillyT we soon managed to hold a decent line .
With a small break before we performed in the evening there was only one thing to do...
Yes get the carbs in. Beer and chips and more beer. And the odd bottle of red wine!
By the time the actual performance started the wind had died much to our relief and the sun shone making a fine sight of 25 or so celtics filter a long line into the bay’s pontoons to march with oars into the arena as a story teller relayed a tale with dancers doing dancy things.
The crews enjoyed artists performing in the arena before retreating to the boats to row away into the darkness of the bay with bow torch lights ablaze and much relief the performance had gone smoothly. Juniors Lotti,Lowri , Grace & Ieuan experienced their first night time rows and watched in oar from the bay waters as fireworks signalled the end of the show.
Saturday night saw live music and plenty of refreshments in Nos Da before travelling back to catch iron man on Sunday .
Many thanks to Bunty for her superb organisation skills of many emails back and forth to make it happen and to all members for making it a jolly good laugh and to the Brains pub for keeping us lubricated throughout.